Hail and well met, traveller! Are ye ready to take the first steps towards the ways of the sacred? Are ye searching for more knowlege of our fine family? If so, your journey has lead you in the right direction, for ye have entered the realm of the Sacred Brotherhood.

It is with great honor that we serve our grand lord, King Arthur, who valiantly gave his life for our freedom. Alas, that freedom is in peril and it is our duty to defend against all who threaten the peace our goodly lord did grant us.

On a fateful night, the founders of our guild encountered the powerful wizard and friend of Arthur, known as Merlin. It was on that eve that he did charge them with the protection of their realm, Albion. Dark forces sought to avert this noble quest, so these brave men did bring together a company of mages and fighters to aid them. United in vision and bound by their quest to restore Albion to its former glory, this brotherhood of light seeks to bring justice to their world in the example of their great king.

Has the thirst for knowledge in ye been quenched, friend? No? Journey on, then. These hallowed halls hold many tomes of great knowledge. From the tales of our brethren to the code of honor that we swear to uphold. Much can ye learn if ye have the time and inclination. Have ye a need to speak with our council or members of our Brotherhood? Look no further than the Forums, which we proudly offer to you as a place to voice your thoughts. Have ye a tale to tell in the written word or by an artistic hand? Then ye may find a home with our Brotherhood.

The time is now and your quest is just beginning. The heroes of Albion reside within these walls. Should you choose to join us, know this: Ye shall be put to the test. If courage, honor and loyalty are your companions, then ye shall find a place with the Sacred Brotherhood.